Both genitals? transgender? NO

Hijra the word has a single meaning but so many mis conceptions attached to it. Basically, hijr is a Persian word which means ‘one who leaves behind his roots in search of one’s true identity’. And there has been many mis-conceptions about the hijra or kinnar community. One such is that they are born with both male and female genitals which is not true. Yes, there are people born with both genitals who are known as hijra’s, kinnar’s or transgenders but actually they’re not. These people or humans who are born with both the genitals are known as intersex people. They are born with both genitals because of some issues. I’ll tell you why I am writing about it! So, there is this show on a channel which had created curiosity in me to find out why a mother is forced to throw her own female child? I waited for almost 3 months and more till the girl or protagonist in show turns adult and they reveal the reason behind every one hating her. I wasn’t at home so I asked my mum to tell me what’s wr…

Sridevi we love you!

Well to start with I’m not a huge fan of her and whatever I’m writing today isn’t to get some views on my post, it is to honour the Devi of Acting, Devi of Simplicity and Devi of charm through writing some words about her. Actually, I was supposed to write about all the actress who have impacted or taught me something in my upcoming new blog and obviously Devi was part of it but her tragic and shocking demise has made to write this and to give her tribute through my words.
So, first time ever I encountered Sridevi was on screen while I was watching Mr. India, I didn’t know anything about the films and I wasn’t even a filmy keeda then. But that whole film stayed within me and I laughed till the end. Till now whenever I watch the film the only reason to watch it is her, to experience her sensuous moves, amazing vivaciousness and the innocence in her smile.
Sridevi isn’t only the first female superstar of India but also the most beautiful sight to watch on screen.  Chaalbaaz is one of my …

Amalgmation of both the genders, 'Androgyny'

"Don’t be hooked on trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live."  -  Gianni Versace This beautiful quote describes me completely. To start even I wasn’t even a fashion enthusiast but it happened suddenly and then the experiments, discoveries began. It was pretty challenging for me to decide what I wanted to wear, let me put it this way I was conflicted between clothes. Sounds funny isn’t it? its true. Along with that I didn’t had an opinion on fashion because I liked a frock as much as a pant but I was forced to follow the norm and to eye on men’s wardrobe. That didn’t stop me from adoring ladies section. And to be frank later on had variety and former one appeared similar every time. Later on, I met few people who started judging me because of my clothes which were actually awful earlier, lot of disapprovals, judgements, giggles and disappointments occurred. I didn’t have an opinion, I w…

I'll keep loving you, even if you love your wife!

I was in 12th standard, our meet is one of the funny incidents which are happen to me! This guy boards train and we both travel in same compartment, at some point he looks at me and starts smiling and he winks and I try my level best to ignore him but I couldn’t. He talks to me and we both swipe our numbers and that was the first time ever I shared my number with anyone in a local train. We conversed, spoke over call and this was the time when I hardly knew ‘bout anything else about gays except grindr. This guy was on my mind and he was clear he just wanted to have sex with me! And one day we meet finally and trust me that was the first time I had bunk my classes for someone and I roamed with him from evening to night. Best part about that meet was we didn’t even spoke about sex we were too busy listening to each other. And at that point of my life which isn’t so late just 2 years ago I was not good looking, with a disastrous dressing sense but I wonder how he liked me! I could be myse…

Either you blow me or pay for Petrol

So, it all started with a challenge, I challenged my friend that we will have to walk all the way from kurla to govandi and reach before midnight and he agreed. We were walking, talking, running and joking around and having a gala time and we reach almost till chembur which is filed with all the ‘taporis’ or ‘awaara’ boys. So, we were just discussing about review of section 377 and other stuff, I find three boys on scooter who were staring at me and I just ignored they went ahead and stopped and started whistling and I turned back they were calling me but I didn’t go.
My friend went to them and was talking so I thought maybe they are his friends and they must be asking him why are you walking with him? Who is he? And I started walking ahead so that they don’t ask him anymore questions, my friend joins me again and we walk ahead and I kept asking him same question but he asked me to ignore it and walk. There these boys come again and start touching me and force me to ride on a scooter o…

Stop shaming Bombay times because of your fault and misunderstanding!


Breaking the Norms "Halad-Kunku"

“Traditionally, exchange of haldi kunku between married women marks a symbol of having a happy married life. :) Does that mean others shouldn't have a happy life? We need to be considerate of human beings who feel like having such beautiful moments to celebrate and enjoy. Personally, I always felt left out whenever there was haldi kunku at my home or my friend's home. And I strongly feel this celebration should not be limited to just married women. Why not celebrate happiness of every human being? Why not spread love and joy to all? Hence, this decision of having a small homely occasion customised to spread love and joy for all the people who wants to be a part of it.”
This was the exact message I received from my trans sister Nishtha and that’s it I was excited to attend a haldi kunku which smashed all barriers of gender, cast, race, sex, marital status for the first time may be. Idea of Haldi kunku has always fascinated me, draping the new traditional saree and applying the haldi…